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  • The Story behind the Longtail Distribution Network

    This past week, we had the chance to interview David Kutz from the Longtail Distribution Network. In this post, we will cover the story behind how the Longtail Distribution came to be and some of the unique content they sell.

    Let’s Go Back to 2007

    Back in 2007, David found himself in between jobs and decided that he would create his own job. He realized that there was a lot of unique, niche content that wasn’t for sale anywhere. He thought that he could aggregate all this content under one site and market it to consumers.

    After working for years within the media industry, he had developed relationships with content producers from all over the world. These relationships would be key to developing his catalog of content over the first few years. One of the main benefits for content owners was that David could put their content on multiple platforms across the web.

    Most of these content owners weren’t doing anything with the content and the Longtail Distribution could change this. David taught himself everything needed to run his business. He closed the deals with the content owners, encoded all the video files, created the HTML website and did the marketing.

    He worked to understand the multiple platforms for content distribution and how he could leverage them for sales. More and more content owners started giving him the rights to sell and stream their titles through him.

    Over 100 Unique Titles

    The Longtail Distribution now has over 100 titles, available from channels such as Amazon, Youtube and their own website. You can purchase them in a DVD format or as a digital download.

    From titles on music bands such Backstage Secrets: On the road with the rock band RUSH to content on cooking such as Giuliano Bugialli’s Master Classes of Italian Cooking. They have over 30 categories ranging from Reality TV to Nature and Wildlife.

    The Longtail Distribution also added the ability for organizations and non-for-profits to purchase access to their content. They have special licenses that grant them access to use the content in educational environments.

    If you’re looking for titles on specific topics, then be sure to view their list of all their programs. You will be able to purchase their content from one of their many distribution platforms.

    Written by Ruben Daniel

    Ruben Daniel is the co-founder of Edukaans, an online video streaming platform. He loves talking about content monetization and its future. In his free time, he loves travelling back in time with Ancient History podcasts and books. Follow him on on twitter.

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