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Sell Your Videos Directly To You Customers Without the Technical Hassle.

Our video streaming platform will help you easily sell your video content to your customers through your own branded website.

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Why Choose Edukaans?

The Edukaans platform is allowing us to encode our entire catalog for worldwide video streaming. We will be the first company in our market to offer this. We love the fact that Edukaans combines all the elements a content producer and seller requires: video encoding, file storage, the streaming itself, a content protection (security) structure and payment processing.

Building a Marketing Machine in 90 Days

Have you ever felt like you needed a little bit of help when it comes to marketing? Many companies are really good at creating awesome and useful content but they don’t know how get that content into the hands of potential customers. There’s literally hundreds of people looking to buy your content right now but you need to reach them first. This ebook will change all of that.